I’m a photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am fascinated by extraordinary interactions between people, often individuals, and their everyday surroundings.

How an apparently everyday moment can become a short story when photographed.

How a non–scripted moment can appear so surreal, meaningful, esthetic or humorous that it looks scripted. But it isn't.

I am thrilled when I succeed in doing this.
For usage of my photographs in any printed or digital media, please contact me. Or view my portfolio at photo agency De Beeldunie.

This also applies for (personal) prints to match your gallery or workplace.

+31 6 474 286 72 / caspar@gmail.com
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My first book, named Even Firemen, has recently been published. Here you can order your copy, or read more about the book.

In 2020, Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer featured some of my photos in an article about loneliness.

March 2018 the German DUMMY Magazine edition about the theme "sport" featured 7 photos from my Sporting series.

December 2017 Het Parool, a Dutch newspaper, had a lengthy article about the Even Firemen series.

German ZEITmagazine featured 8 photos of mine in the December 2017 edition with the theme "Waiting".

For Dutch newspaper Trouw me and writer Maartje Wortel are making a column named 1 photo, 1000 words. About every month, Maartje writes a short story inspired by a photo of mine. Here's how it looks.

For Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent Lynn Berger wrote a fine article about my Musea series. The series was also published on, among others, the German edition of Interview magazine, AnOther Magazine, Artchive.ru and Booooooom. Two photos from the Musea series were featured in the October 2015 issue of Harper's Magazine. View here.

De Correspondent asked me to photograph for an article about the correlation between waiting and smartphones.
Here's a selection.

Harper's Magazine asked me to photograph some of the events taking place at the 2016 Jeroen Bosch year in the town of Den Bosch.

Two photos from my Sporting series were featured in the April 2016 issue of Harper's Magazine. Take a look.

I'm a featured photographer in David Gibson's book The Street Photographer's Manual.

Feature Shoot interviewed me and placed a feature about some recurring themes in my work.

My Sporting series was featured on the Dutch online magazine New Dawn Paper – an initiative by GUP Magazine.

Erik Vroons, chief editor of New Dawn Paper, wrote an editorial about a photo of mine.

National Dutch Newspaper NRC-next featured one of my photos, accompanied by a little interview about my Sporting series, in their double-spread sized InBeeld section.

ERECT-Magazine from Japan had a ten page feature about me, showing 10 photographs and an interview.

I was a guest author for the German online photography magazine Kwerfeldein, inviting me to tell more about the motivations and processes behind my photography.

My series from Chișinău, Moldova was featured on GUP Magazine, and in the #2 2011 issue of Beeld, the bi–annual magazine from Dutch professional photographers association GKf.

A few other webzines and websites my work has been featured on:

The Four Oh Five
Booooooom community
File Magazine
La Repubblica
Exhibitions & sales
The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (Ministerie van OCW) aquired 8 photographs
2011 –
Numerous print sales to individuals & companies

Have A Nice Weekend by Vormplatform, EKKO, Utrecht
Great Last Minute Art Fair, Qlick Editions gallery, Rotterdam
Art in Redlight, Qlick Editions gallery, Amsterdam
ECHIE collective launch at Qlick Editions gallery, Amsterdam
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Naturally, all photos on this website are copyright to me, Caspar Claasen, and may not be used or reproduced for any purpose without my permission. However, you can always ask...