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This book is about my daughter Lora (then 3-8). Or perhaps more about how she, unwittingly, accompanied me through a dark and wonderful episode of anxiety and depression. Where she sometimes simultaneously was the cause and the cure.

"Papa, does everyone die?"

"Yes, sweetheart. Everyone."

"Even firemen?"

Cover: Imperial 4500 linen material

Paper: 150 grams Arctic Volume Cream paper

Offset printing: drukkerij robstolk

Pages: 80

Photographs: 39

First edition: 250 numbered copies

Publisher: Plague Press Publishing

The Even Firemen book is one of the featured books on the website of GUP Magazine.

Dutch newspaper Het Parool published an article about the Even Firemen series before the book was out.

The book, signed and numbered, costs €25, excl. shipping

For €50 incl. shipping I will send you a signed and numbered copy of Even Firemen plus a 30x20cm c-print of any photo of your choice from the book, to any location in the world. 

To place an order, send me an email at caspar[at]

Payment via PayPal is recommended for international payments. 

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