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Artist statement

I am a visual artist with a background in art (Gerrit Rietveld Academy) and design. I am based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

On photography I am fascinated by extraordinary interactions between people, often individuals, and their everyday surroundings.
How an apparently everyday moment can become a short story when photographed – how a non–scripted moment can appear so surreal, meaningful, aesthetic or humorous that it looks scripted. But it isn't.

On painting & drawing I am interested in how a non-existent place comes into existence, or how an existing place becomes an interpretation. How the topographics of a sense of a place become a visual, personal narrative.

Curator & fundraising I initiated, curated and organised online photography print sales with Fotografie voor Goed and Paper Pictures. Both platforms strive to promote photography talent, both new and established, as well as raise money for charity – one more so than the other. Read more below.





Contact & pricing

For inquiries about pricing, acquiring artworks or usage of my work in printed or digital media – contact me at caspar[at]




Latest work

For more (recent) photos and artworks – follow me at Instagram.

Paper Pictures 2022–

In October 2022 I initiated, organised, managed, curated and participated in Paper Pictures – an exclusive temporary online photo print sale. About 40 Dutch photographers provided 1 photo each. Each photographer individually chose the printing method, the paper, the formats, the edition and the price. All photo prints were shipped with a numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by the photographer. Paper Pictures will reoccur yearly, with a different collection.

From 2023 onward the yearly collections will have a theme. The 2023 edition has the theme EMPATHY.

Visit to see more. 

Fotografie voor Goed

From February – April 2023 I initiated, organised, managed, curated and participated in an online photography print sale to raise money for Giro555, the Dutch national charity to help the victims of the earthquakes in Türkiye & Syria. The benefit is quite successful. Follow the initiative at

The website is both in Dutch and English and we ship worldwide. 

The Fotografie voor Goed platform can start a fundraiser when it is asked for, so there will probably be more actions in the future.

Fotografie voor Oekraïne

From March – May 2022 I initiated, organised, managed, curated and participated in an online photography print sale to raise money for Giro555, the Dutch national charity to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. The benefit was very successful: we eventually raised the incredible amount of €97.545,- 

Even Firemen book

In 2018 I published a photography book named Even Firemen. More about it here

Awards & exhibitions


2022 Fotografie voor Oekraïne exhibition at De Balie, Amsterdam. Part of a (self-organized) charity event print sale, together with 48 other photographers.

2022 LFTFLD RETURNS exhibition at Vrijpaleis, Amsterdam. Presenting 7 drawings.

2021 Documentation/Photojournalism First Place and exhibition at Florida Museum Of Photographic Arts, USA, for photo Grandma's Hug

2021 One Shot Award and exhibition at KOLGA Tblisi Photo Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia, for photo Grandma's Hug

2020 Finalist and exhibition at KOLGA Tblisi Photo Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia, for Even Firemen series

2016 Have A Nice Weekend by Vormplatform, EKKO, Utrecht

2014 Great Last Minute Art Fair, Qlick Editions gallery, Rotterdam

2013 Art in Redlight, Qlick Editions gallery, Amsterdam

2013 ECHIE collective launch at Qlick Editions gallery, Amsterdam





Sales & publications


2021 – today Numerous drawings & paintings into private collections

2011 – today Numerous photographic print sales to individuals & companies & organisations

2022 Paper Pictures – initiator/organiser/director of a yearly online print sale


2022 Photography for Ukraine – organiser & participant in a charity print sale for victims of the war in Ukraine

2020 Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer featured some of my photos in an article about loneliness

2018 German DUMMY Magazine edition about the theme "sport" featured 7 photos from my Sporting series

2018 The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (Ministerie van OCW) aquired 8 photographs, which are on permanent display in their offices and meeting rooms

2017 Het Parool, a Dutch newspaper, had a lengthy article about the Even Firemen series

2017 German ZEITmagazine featured 8 photos of mine in the December 2017 edition with the theme "Waiting"

2017-2018 For Dutch newspaper Trouw me and writer Maartje Wortel made a column named 1 photo, 1000 words. About every month, Maartje wrote a short story inspired by a photo of mine

2015-2017 Musea series was published in numerous online and offline media such as Dutch online newspaper De Correspondent, the German edition of Interview magazineAnOther and Booooooom

2016 De Correspondent asked me to photograph for an article about the correlation between waiting and smartphones. 


2016 Two photos from my Sporting series were featured in the April issue of Harper's Magazine

2016 Harper's Magazine asked me to photograph some of the events taking place at the 2016 Jeroen Bosch year in the town of Den Bosch

2015 Two photos from the Musea series were featured in the October issue of Harper's Magazine

2014 I'm a featured photographer in David Gibson's book The Street Photographer's Manual

2014 My Sporting series was featured on the Dutch online magazine New Dawn Paper – an initiative by GUP Magazine

2014 Erik Vroons, chief editor of New Dawn Paper, wrote an editorial about a photo of mine

2014 National Dutch Newspaper NRC-next featured one of my photos, accompanied by a little interview about my Sporting series, in their double-spread sized InBeeld section

2013 ERECT-Magazine from Japan had a ten page feature about me, showing 10 photographs and an interview

2012 My series from Chișinău, Moldova was featured on GUP Magazine, and in the #2 2011 issue of Beeld, the bi–annual magazine from Dutch professional photographers association GKf

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